10 Dec 2012

Protest against high speed rail project

6:35 am on 10 December 2012

A protest against a new high speed rail line took place on Sunday in Beijing with about 300 demonstrators shouting slogans in a busy eastern suburb.

Residents said they were concerned the new line from Beijing to the northeastern city of Shenyang would run too close to their apartments and local schools, causing excess noise and electromagnetic radiation.

They also complained the government had refused to listen to their concerns and accused them of faking an environmental impact assessment.

Police allowed the protesters to march down a main road, where they briefly blocked an intersection shouting "down with the high speed line" and "change the route". They peacefully dispersed later in the afternoon.

A march was held in Shanghai in 2008 against an extension of the city's magnetic levitation train by people worried it would emit radiation and sicken them.