23 Dec 2012

Final farewell held for Ravi Shankar

6:28 am on 23 December 2012

The daughters of Indian musician Ravi Shankar, Norah Jones and Anoushka Shankar, have said their final goodbyes to him at a public memorial service near his home in California.

Former Beatle George Harrison's widow spoke at the event in Encinitas and tributes from singer Peter Gabriel and film director Martin Scorsese were read.

Shankar, 92, a legendary musician and composer, who helped introduce the sitar to the Western world through his collaboration with The Beatles, died on 11 December in Southern California.

He played at Woodstock and the 1967 Monterey Pop festival and also collaborated with violinist Yehudi Menuhin and jazz saxophonist John Coltrane.

Olivia Harrison said her late husband had learned much from his friendship with Shankar.

Peter Gabriel said Shankar had "opened the door to non-Western music for millions of people around the world".

Martin Scorsese said Shankar's music was "ancient and immediate, impassioned and meditative, full of sorrow and joy".

"He was a true master."