23 Dec 2012

Young people stressed over Xmas tension

1:55 pm on 23 December 2012

Young people in Australia are citing family tension as a reason for feeling negative about Christmas and turn to social media to escape the stress.

A survey by the National Youth Mental Health Foundation found that around 57% of young people said they feel happy about Christmas, but about 88% also admit there are things that make them feel negative about the jolly season.

AAP reports more than 65% cited tensions between family members as a factor that made them feel negative about Christmas, up from 58% last year.

"This survey clearly shows that many young people approach Christmas with trepidation, rather than excitement," said headspace chief executive Chris Tanti in a statement on Sunday.

The survey showed that, for 24% of young people, Christmas made them feel depressed and for 28%, the festive season made them feel worse than usual.

More than 86% of young people said they would use social media on Christmas Day, with 62% saying they use social media to escape family tensions and 54% use it to help them feel less lonely.

The report surveyed 500 young people aged between 12 - 25.