3 Jan 2013

New Year babies born to twin sisters

8:51 am on 3 January 2013

Twin sisters in the United States gave birth to two baby boys two hours apart on New Year's Eve.

The Akron Beacon Herald in Ohio reported that both births were at Summa Akron City hospital.

The paper said Aimee and Ashlee Nelson, 19, used to dress alike as young girls and both got pregnant about the same time.

AAP reports Aimee's son - Donavyn Scott Bratten - was born at 12.11pm on Monday. Ashlee's son - Aiden Lee Alan Dilts - arrived at 2.03pm.

Marcella Farson said her daughters were due about a week apart.

Aimee called her at 4am Monday to say she was headed to the hospital. About two hours later Ashlee called to say the same thing.