9 Jan 2013

Principals worried about economics classes

1:06 pm on 9 January 2013

School principals in Australia have raised concerns over a federal government plan for students to learn the basics of economics and business before they leave primary school.

School Education Minister Peter Garrett says an early start is vital because students need to be financially literate and have a basic understanding of how the economy works.

The basics of the economics and business curriculum have been laid out by the Australian Curriculum Reporting and Assessment Authority.

The ABC reports exact details will be issued after consultation with education departments, schools, businesses, universities, teachers and parents.

But the Australian Primary Principals Association says the curriculum is already packed.

Association president Norm Hart said the curriculum is already quite full and other subjects might have to be dropped.

"There are four areas that are the core business of primary schools - literacy and numeracy, science and social education, if you like," he said.

"These subjects, business and economics, probably fit under the banner of social education.''