16 Jan 2013

Explosions at university in Aleppo

3:01 pm on 16 January 2013

More than 80 people are reported to have been killed and dozens of others injured in two explosions at the University of Aleppo in Syria on Tuesday.

State television described the incident as a terrorist attack. The explosions took place between the university dormitories and the architecture faculty.

The university is in territory controlled by government forces. Sana news agency said it was the first day of student exams.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in London said two explosions had occurred.

Fighting between rebels and government forces has reached a stalemate in Aleppo and left the city divided. Rebels say they control more than half the province.

Rebels have previously carried out bombings against government targets in Aleppo. In October, at least 34 people were killed in the city's main square.