18 Feb 2013

Labor and Gillard losing support: poll

11:40 am on 18 February 2013

A new poll shows opposition leader Tony Abbott has overtaken Julia Gillard as preferred prime minister of Australia.

Labor's primary vote is now 30% according to a Herald/Nielsen poll published in Fairfax newspapers.

It's a dip of 5 points since the last survey in December.

Support for the Coalition has risen four points, taking its primary vote to 47% - its highest level since the carbon tax began in July 2012.

On a two-party-preferred basis, Labor's support is at 45% and the Coalition has 55%.

Mr Abbott has also overtaken Mr Gillard, with his support rising by 9 percentage points to 49% compared with Ms Gillard on 45%.

AAP reports the national poll of 1400 voters found the gap between Ms Gillard and former prime minister Kevin Rudd has also grown, with Mr Rudd favoured by 61% of respondents to 35% for her.

The poll has a margin of error of 2.6%.

A general election will be held on 14 September.

Only 36% of women to vote Labor

Earlier, a Galaxy poll published in the Sunday Telegraph, found only 36% of women were preparing to vote Labor.

This was despite the poll showing that 62% of women have concerns about Mr Abbott.

AAP reports 44% reported reservations about the opposition leader saying "no to everything", while 39% cited feeling disquiet about his views on abortion.

The majority said his status as a family man would have no bearing on their vote, with only 13% saying they were more likely to vote for him due to his experience with marriage and rising kids.

"Female voters are supporting the Liberal Party despite concerns about Tony Abbott," David Briggs of Galaxy told the Daily Telegraph.