27 Feb 2013

UK giving more funds to Khmer Rouge tribunal

5:36 am on 27 February 2013

Britain has pledged £1.4 million to fund a Khmer Rouge war crimes court in Cambodia, which is close to running out of money.

The court urgently needs $US9.5 million to cover its costs this year.

About 270 Cambodian employees, including drivers, prosecutors and judges, have received no pay since November.

The tribunal has so far spent $US179 million but has achieved only one conviction. It was set up in 2006 has been hampered by resignations and accusations of corruption and political interference.

New Zealand contributed $200,000 in November on top of the $1.2 million it had already given since 2006.

One of the court's five judges is the former New Zealand governor-general Dame Silvia Cartwright.