10 Mar 2013

Landslide win for Liberals in Western Australia poll

5:59 am on 10 March 2013

A Liberal-National coalition has dealt a resounding defeat to the Labor Party in a Western Australia state election.

In a landslide win in the state on Saturday, Liberal candidate Colin Barnett has been re-elected premier and Labor challenger Mark McGowan has conceded defeat.

The Liberals, who will once again form a coalition with the Nationals, kept all of the 24 seats they won at the 2008 election, secured a further seven seats and a few were still up for grabs, Mr Barnett said in his victory speech.

With three quarters of the vote counted late on Saturday night, the Liberals had enjoyed a swing of 8.5% which could translate into many as 40 seats for the coalition to Labor's 19.

Mr Barnett said he would govern alongside the Nationals, despite the Liberals winning an overall majority in their own right, AAP reports.

The triumphant premier said the resounding result was a combination of his good government and a distaste for Labor federally.

Defence minister Stephen Smith said the federal Labor Party had many issues to work on before the general election on 14 September.

The day after the vote a poll for The Sunday Telegraph newspaper put support for Labor at 32% while 48% chose the coalition.