25 Mar 2013

Musharraf returns to Pakistan despite Taliban threats

1:15 pm on 25 March 2013

Former Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf has arrived back in Pakistan, ending four years of self-imposed exile and defying death threats.

Supporters aboard his jet cheered when it touched down in Karachi airport after a flight from Dubai.

Mr Musharraf, who plans to lead his party in the May general election, said earlier he was taking precautions.

The BBC reports that a recent Taliban video threatened Gen Musharraf with snipers and suicide bombers.

He faces a string of charges including conspiracy to murder, but on Friday the Pakistani authorities granted him protective bail in several outstanding cases, freeing him from immediate arrest in Pakistan.

The former general has lived in London and Dubai since stepping down five years ago. He has vowed to return several times in the past, but never followed through.

Mr Musharraf's military government ruled Pakistan from 1999. His supporters were defeated in parliamentary elections in February 2008, and he resigned in August that year under threat of impeachment.