11 May 2013

More arrests follow cyber bank thefts

10:30 am on 11 May 2013

German prosecutors said on Friday that two more people have been arrested in connection with recent international cyber bank thefts.

Two Dutch nationals were arrested in February after withdrawing 170,000 euros ($US220,500) using Bank of Muscat credit cards. In total, $US2.4 million dollars was withdrawn in seven German cities.

On Thursday, prosecutors in the United States said an international criminal gang had stolen $US45 million from two Middle Eastern banks by hacking into credit card processing companies and withdrawing money from cash machines in 27 countries.

Prepaid MasterCard debit cards issued by Bank of Muscat of Oman and a United Arab Emirates bank known as RAKBANK, were used after their balance and withdrawal limits were raised.

The Justice Department said seven men were arrested after $US2.4 million was withdrawn from 3000 bank cash machines in New York during 10 hours in February.

Dominican police on Friday confirmed that an eighth man, the suspected leader of the New York cell, was killed in a robbery in the Dominican Republic on 27 April.

Police found $US100,000 in cash in his house, as well as an M-16 assault rifle and other weapons and ammunition.