17 May 2013

Intelligence groups faulted over neo-Nazi attacks

5:31 pm on 17 May 2013

A parliamentary report in Germany says the country's intelligence services failed completely by not linking a neo-Nazi terrorist group to a series of murders and bombings that went on for years.

The committee was looking into the crimes committed by the National Socialist Underground - among them the killings of 10 people, most of them with a Turkish background.

Security services and police believed the "doner (kebab) murders" were the work of foreign gangsters and had ruled out a racist motive. Even the families of the dead were suspected.

The panel presented its initial finding on Thursday after 15 months of work. A final report is expected in August this year, Deutsche Welle reports.

Meanwhile, the committee will continue its inquiry, interviewing members of the security services who have not yet kept their appointments with it.

The trial of Beatte Zschaeper, the last remaining member of the cell, adjourned on Thursday in Munich until 4 June. The 38-year-old is accused of 10 murders.

The first four days of the trial were dominated by a series of defence motions seeking to delay or stop the hearing, all of which were rejected by Chief Justice Manfred Goetzl.