8 Jun 2013

New Chinese president begins talks with Obama

9:06 pm on 8 June 2013

United States President Barack Obama and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping have begun a two-day summit in California at a time of growing rivalry, particularly in the Pacific region.

In an informal setting, near Palm Springs, the two men spoke of forging a new co-operative relationship.

The meeting is the first between the pair since Mr Xi became president in March.

Mr Obama stressed at the start of the talks that the fates of the two countries are intertwined, while Mr Xi said they have to work energetically to create a new type of relationship.

Cyber espionage is expected to top the agenda, with North Korea, Asian security and trade also key topics, the BBC reports.

The talks are seen as a chance for the men to build a working and a personal relationship to tackle some of the sticking points the two super powers have already had.

It will also be an opportunity to begin a dialogue to prevent future issues escalating.