9 Jun 2013

Train drivers wearing skirts during heatwave

9:31 am on 9 June 2013

A dozen male train drivers in Sweden have started wearing skirts during an early summer heatwave, because the railway company has banned the use of shorts.

The BBC reports drivers on the Roslagsbanan line, north of Stockholm, have been wearing skirts to work for the past two weeks.

They say the skirts are more comfortable than trousers, the only other alternative.

The company had to allow them to wear the skirts, because refusing them a right given to women drivers would have been discriminatory.

"The passengers stare at us but so far no-one has said anything - well, not to me, anyway. And I don't mind as it's more about comfort," driver Martin Akersten said.

However, the drivers still wear trousers in cooler conditions.