17 Jun 2013

Outrage in China after attack on students in France

7:57 am on 17 June 2013

China has demanded that France brings to justice the perpetrators of an attack on six Chinese students in the Bordeaux wine region in which one was hit in the face with a glass bottle.

The students were in France for a year to study oenology.

The BBC reports three people, all of them visibly drunk, were involved in the attack in the village of Hostens, in the Landes region near Bordeaux.

According to Sud Ouest, a French newspaper, a struggle began when they tried to enter the residence where the students were staying on Friday night. Racist insults were reportedly heard during the struggle.

Two people were arrested afterwards.

The BBC reports Chinese involvement in the French wine industry is growing and bloggers in China have reacted with outrage to the incident.

One blogger on Weibo said France's reputation was "damaged" and another said Chinese people should avoid visiting the country.