13 Aug 2010

Uphill battle for Welsh farmers in attempt to control TB

12:36 pm on 13 August 2010

The Animal Health Board in New Zealand says Welsh farmers face an uphill battle in their attempt to control a bovine tuberculosis epidemic in cattle.

More than 12,000 cattle were culled last year in Wales because of the disease and badgers have been found to be a major source of infection.

Board TB eradication and research manager, Dr Paul Livingstone, has been advising Wales on how to handle the epidemic.

He says the disease can be eradicated only if it's controlled in wildlife as well as cattle - and that involves killing infected badgers.

However, badgers are protected in Wales.

Dr Livingstone says Welsh farmers also need to be more involved in TB control and in developing a long-term strategy.

He says using TB vaccines may be the only option to control the outbreak there.