2 Jul 2013

Vietnamese soldier reunited with arm

9:52 pm on 2 July 2013

A former North-Vietnamese soldier has been reunited with his arm after more than 40 years.

Nguyen Quang Hung, a Vietcong soldier during the Vietnam war, had his arm amputated by US army doctor Sam Axelrad in 1966 after he got gangrene.

Dr Axelrad kept the bones of the arm as a reminder of the good deed he had performed by treating an enemy soldier.

He began a quest to track down the owner of the arm in 2012, meeting Mr Hung this week to return his bones, the BBC reports.

Mr Hung says he is happy to see his bones, which he plans to be buried with. He says he also hopes the arm will help him claim a veteran's pension, as his army files were lost.