11 Jul 2013

Extradition ruling awaited on accused people smuggler

11:01 am on 11 July 2013

A court in Indonesia is to decide on Thursday if a suspected Afghan people smuggler will be extradited to Australia.

Sayed Abbas Azad, 30, is accused of being one of the most notorious people smugglers to operate out of Indonesia in recent years.

Prosecutors told the judge in South Jakarta district court he should be extradited to face 27 charges of people smuggling from three different boat voyages between 2009 - 2011.

The ABC reports there have also been reports he was involved in a failed voyage in December 2011 that saw more than 200 people drown off the coast of East Java.

Abbas told ABC News that he is not a criminal or a smuggler and that he does not want to go to jail in Australia.

He said he has not made a dollar from people smuggling.

"I'm not afraid because this is not true, it is not true, I am not afraid," he said.

Outside court he said the accusations were lies and that he would not have used his real name if he were a people smuggler.

The ABC reports he will have a chance to respond formally next week.