19 Mar 2015

Antarctic explorer evacuated due to illness

6:43 pm on 19 March 2015

A seriously ill Antarctic expeditioner is being evacuated from Australia's Davis Station.

Icebreaker Auroira Australis at the edge of the Totten Glacier in East Antarctica.

Icebreaker Aurora Australis Photo: AFP (file)

A spokeswoman from the Australian Antarctic Division said the health of the wintering expeditioner rapidly declined after the icebreaker Aurora Australis left two days ago, but his condition was now stable.

The Aurora Australis, carrying 114 people on board, turned around to retrieve the man.

At last report, the ship was 400 nautical miles from the base.

When the vessel reaches the base the man will be transferred by helicopter.

The ship must refuel before resuming its homeward voyage and is not expected to reach Hobart for at least two weeks.