Yes we will, Gillard tells Labor faithful

10:38 pm on 16 August 2010

Australia's Prime Minister Julia Gillard echoed US president Barack Obama's election rallying cry as she officially launched Labor's bid for re-election in Brisbane.

In a deliberately low-key launch on Monday, Ms Gillard offered her own "Yes, we will" twist on the famous "Yes, we can" slogan used by Mr Obama during his successful 2008 run to the White House, the ABC reports.

Focusing on Labor's record on jobs, the economy, health and education, she urged voters to cast their votes and say "Yes, we will move forward together."

Ms Gillard attacked Opposition leader Tony Abbott, saying he was a risk to the economy, offered nothing but negativity and slogans and would dismantle crucial Labor programmes.

In seeking to emphasise Labor's plan to build a National Broadband Network, Ms Gillard announced that Labor would spend $A392.3 million on various online health services such as GP consultations for those in regional and rural areas.

The programme would include medical rebates for online consultations, an incentives for GPs to treat patients online and an expansion of the GP after-hours helpline.

Ms Gillard received a standing ovation from the Labor faithful and was joined on stage by her partner Tim Mathieson.

Abbott promises to spend millions

Opposition leader Tony Abbott made millions of dollars in spending promises as he swept through five crucial electorates in Sydney on Monday.

The ABC reports Mr Abbott set a hectic pace while targeting marginal seats in western Sydney, accusing the Labor Party of trying to bribe the key battleground with its $A2 billion rail promise.

But Mr Abbott dished up his own spending commitments, promising $A5 million for sporting grounds, saying it was important to promote grassroots sport.

MrAbbott also announced a $10 million headquarters for his proposed violent gangs crime squad and later dropped by a karate class to pledge $A3 million for the Police Citizens Youth Club.