28 Aug 2008

Lady Di cake slice sold 27 years after wedding

9:23 pm on 28 August 2008

A piece of wedding cake saved from Prince Charles' marriage to Lady Diana Spencer 27 years ago has sold at auction for $2100.

While the only bit left of the slice was a 23cm square piece of icing and marzipan weighing 800 grams, an anonymous bidder couldn't resist buying the memento.

It had originally been given to Moyra Smith, who worked for the Queen Mother at the time of Charles and Diana's wedding in 1981.

She carefully preserved the top of the slice, featuring the royal coat of arms coloured in red, gold and blue, in clingfilm and kept it stored in a metal tin.

"To my knowledge this is the highest price for any slice of the cake sold at auction," auctioneer Nathan Winter of Dominic Winter Book Auctions says.

The piece of cake came from one of 22 cakes made for the royal wedding and sliced up for distribution among royal staff.