1 Sep 2008

Monkey mugs woman for egg tarts

8:57 pm on 1 September 2008

A woman was taken to hospital after being mugged by a monkey for a box of egg tarts at a bus stop in Hong Kong.

The primate struck seconds after the 25-year-old woman got off a bus for a Sunday picnic in rural Sai Kung Country Park in Hong Kong's New Territories near the Chinese border, police said on Monday.

The monkey scratched her arm as it grabbed the box of egg tarts. The shocked woman was taken to hospital suffering minor injuries.

Hong Kong's rural New Territories are home to thousands of grey macaque monkeys, whose population has exploded in recent years because of the population shift to urban areas.

The monkeys usually keep clear of humans, but occasionally, hungry lone males will prey on hikers from the city unused to seeing monkeys and arriving in country parks with bags of food.