3 Sep 2008

Deadly hurricane threatening Bahamas

10:37 pm on 3 September 2008

Emergency warnings have been issued in the Bahamas as Tropical Storm Hanna approaches, having already left at least 21 people dead in Haiti.

It hit the Caribbean as Gustav, a storm which killed 77 in Haiti last week, crossed the US coast at Louisiana.

Hanna, which could reach hurricane strength as it heads towards the United States, has also dumped heavy rain on Cuba and Puerto Rico.

Two more major storms, Josephine and Ike, are following in Hanna's path.

Hurricane shelters were being readied across the Bahamas archipelago as residents in the northern town of Freeport stocked up on emergency supplies in anticipation of Hanna's arrival, reports said.

The US National Hurricane Center forecast Hanna would head over the Bahamas and towards the south-east coast of the US in the next few days.

Following in its path across the Atlantic is Tropical Storm Ike, which is projected to hit the Bahamas on Sunday as a hurricane, and Tropical Storm Josephine, which is also expected to increase in strength later this week.