20 Sep 2008

Brown insists he's the right man for Britain's top job

10:37 pm on 20 September 2008

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown says he is the man to steer the country though the current financial turmoil, as questions continue over his leadership.

In an article for the Guardian he said the government had taken "necessary and decisive action this week to keep the financial system moving".

The prime minister's comments come ahead of the Labour Party conference.

On Tuesday Mr Brown will address party members, his first speech to them since some MPs demanded a leadership contest.

The conference is being seen as a crucial five days for Mr Brown - a chance to prove his authority and see off potential leadership challengers.

It got off to a good start on Saturday, with news that Harry Potter author JK Rowling had donated £1million to the Labour Party.

Blair teaching religion at Yale

Meanwhile the former British prime minister, Tony Blair, has taught his first seminar of the "faith and globalisation" course he will lead at Yale University in the United States.

Mr Blair has also taken up lucrative jobs as an advisor to an international bank and an insurance company.

His other commitments include being the United Nations special envoy on Middle East peace and a campaigner on climate change and African poverty.