3 Oct 2008

Human remains found at Fossett crash site

3:25 pm on 3 October 2008

Crash site investigators have found human remains in the wreckage of Steve Fossett's small plane in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California.

National Transportation Safety Board acting chairman Mark Rosenker said on Thursday that search crews had found a "very small" amount of human remains amid the airplane's debris.

He declined to provide details, adding that local officials will be responsible for examining the remains.

Earlier at a news conference, he noted that a judge had declared Mr Fossett dead. Mr Fossett, 63, vanished after taking off on 3 September last year from an airstrip in Nevada.

Crash site investigators confirmed the wreckage of a small plane found at an altitude of 10,000 feet belonged to Mr Fossett.

The Mono County Sheriff's Department said the plane's engine was 95 metres away from what remained of its fuselage.

ID and clothing belonging to Mr Fossett were discovered by hikers earlier this week.