23 Nov 2008

Astronauts complete third spacewalk

7:45 pm on 23 November 2008

Astronauts from the International Space Station have completed a third spacewalk to solve the latest glitch.

They are trying to fix a jammed joint that is supposed to keep the station's solar panels pointed towards the sun.

Scientists are still struggling to repair a new recycling system intended to convert astronauts' urine into drinking water.

During a previous space walk, the astronauts accidentally lost a tool box worth more than US $100,000.

This was the third spacewalk made by the crew to repair the International Space Station' solar panels.

Astronauts Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper and Stephen Bowen sent almost seven hours working on the defective joint.

A total of four spacewalks are planned for the 11-day mission.