1 Jan 2010

Mall killer found dead

7:17 am on 1 January 2010

Police in Finland say a man suspected of shooting dead five people in the southern city of Espoo has killed himself.

Chief Inspector Jukka Kaski says the suspect was found dead in his home. He was Ibrahim Shkupolli, 43.

Earlier, four shoppers were killed at a grocery store in a shopping mall on Thursday.

The suspect's girlfriend, who worked at the store, was found dead in a flat.

The BBC reports the incident was the third major shooting in Finland in the past two years:

In November 2007, a student, 18, shot and killed seven pupils and a teacher at his school in Tuusula, before killing himself.

In September 2008, a trainee chef, 22, killed 10 people at a college before killing himself.