11 Jan 2010

Company takes campervans off Queensland roads

10:25 pm on 11 January 2010

The New Zealand Transport Agency says it will not investigate a campervan company which has had many of its vehicles taken off the road in the Australian state of Queensland.

The Queensland government says Wicked Campers is unable to use much of its fleet in the state because transport inspectors deem the vans unsafe.

Acting State Premier Paul Lucas says Wicked Campers voluntarily decommissioned 77 of its 86 vans when inspectors sought to test them.

He says inspectors then ordered five of the nine vans submitted for testing off the road.

But Wicked Campers says decommissioning was part of a business strategy that simply coincided with the inspectors' request. Owner John Webb says safety is his top priority.

Wicked Campers operates 295 vehicles in New Zealand.

NZTA spokeperson Andy Knackstedt says an initial review of the company's history in New Zealand does not warrant further investigation.

Mr Knackstedt says almost all offences in New Zealand involving Wicked Campers vehicles are speeding offences incurred by customers of the rental company.

Any problems with the campervans in New Zealand will be identified through the six-monthly certificate of fitness check, he says.