19 Jan 2010

Date set for Blair at Iraq war inquiry

6:28 am on 19 January 2010

Former British prime minister, Tony Blair, is to give evidence on 29 January to the Iraq war inquiry being held in London.

The BBC reports he will face six hours of questioning about the build-up to war and planning for its aftermath.

Former Downing Street chief-of-staff Jonathan Powell is now facing the committee, chaired by Sir John Chilcot.

He will be followed this week by the former defence secretary Geoff Hoon and Justice Secretary Jack Straw, who was serving as foreign secretary in 2003.

Last week Mr Blair's former director of communications Alastair Campbell appeared before the panel.

He said he defended "every single word" of the 2002 dossier on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.

The inquiry is looking at British policy before and after the invasion of Iraq in 2003.