26 Jan 2010

Former NZ businessman missing near Melbourne

9:26 pm on 26 January 2010

Police in Australia have called off a search for former New Zealand businessman Herman Rockefeller in the area where his car was found.

Mr Rockefeller's 2007 Toyota Prius was located near an abandoned country homestead, about 75km west of Melbourne, on Monday afternoon.

The ABC reports he has not been seen since 9pm on Thursday, when leaving the long-term car park at Melbourne airport.

There has been no activity on his bank accounts or phone over recent days.

Mr Rockefeller had been away in Newcastle on a business trip and the last time Mrs Rockefeller heard from him was in a text message she received on Thursday night. His brother was with him on the trip.

Mrs Rockefeller says the family is not related to the New York dynasty of the same name.

In New Zealand, he worked at Brierley Investments Ltd for more than 14 years as a senior executive.