1 Feb 2010

UN Food programme to begin in quake capital

12:20 pm on 1 February 2010

A United Nations agency will begin a major programme of food distribution in the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince.

Sixteen sites have been set up across the city by the World Food Programme with the aim of reaching two million people over two weeks. Distribution will begin on Sunday.

Only women will be allowed to collect earthquake relief supplies, because - the agency says - this is the best way to get food to the people who need it. Men will be encouraged to wait outside.

However, the WFP said it would ensure that men in need of assistance were not excluded.

On Saturday, the agency started to hand out food coupons for the distribution sites.

Each family will be entitled to collect 25kg of rice rations, designed to last two weeks.

The WFP says it has reached 600,000 people with over 16 million meals since the magnitude 7.0 earthquake on 12 January.