11 Feb 2010

Court orders retrial of 'milkshake murder'

10:24 pm on 11 February 2010

Hong Kong's top court has ordered a retrial in what has infamously become known in the city as the milkshake murder.

The Court of Final Appeal has overturned the conviction of Nancy Kissel who has been jailed for life for putting sedatives in her husband Robert's milkshake and bludgeoning him with an ornament.

Kissel's lawyers say prosecutors breached evidence rules during the trial.

The 2005 case heard tales of wealth, adultery, cocaine abuse and violent rows, the BBC reports.

The 45-year-old mother of two, who lost her first appeal, has been serving a life sentence since she was convicted.

Kissel had admitted killing her husband, a banker at Merrill Lynch, in November 2003 but had denied murder, a charge that requires premeditation.