3 Mar 2010

Aboriginal groups to debate nuclear dump on land

10:37 pm on 3 March 2010

Aboriginal groups in northern Australia are to debate a plan for a nuclear dump on tribal land.

The Australian government wants to store nuclear waste that has been re-processed in Europe, the BBC reports.

The government has identified a remote cattle station north of Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory as a likely site.

The proposal has caused deep divisions within the indigenous community. Ministers have indicated that the nuclear dump would not be built if landowners opposed it.

In the next six years the reprocessed nuclear waste will be returned and Muckaty Station, an isolated property 120 km from Tennant Creek, has been chosen as a possible site.

Local Aborigines have offered to sell the land for $A11 million - a move that has infuriated other indigenous groups in the area, who worry about the health and environmental implications.

Some also object on cultural grounds that something some see as odious could be inflicted on sacred tribal country.