8 Mar 2010

Britain can't afford another five years of Brown - Cameron

9:09 am on 8 March 2010

British Conservative leader David Cameron has attacked Labour's record in office at his party's Welsh conference in Llandudno.

He said the country faced a "monster" debt and could not afford another five years of Gordon Brown.

Mr Cameron said people knew his party had the "grit and the guts" to cut public spending and sort out the problem.

He said reforming public services and cutting waste would allow them to "deliver more for less".

Mr Cameron said the challenge was to "make things better" without it costing more money.

The BBC reports the event was the last Conservative conference before the general election.

Mr Cameron criticised Labour's spending, saying that it could not continue. He also argued that money could be spent more efficiently and government could be more local and more transparent.

Mr Cameron also said waste, bureaucracy and a "spendaholic culture" had to be tackled.