14 Apr 2010

Deadline issued for surrended of ousted president

9:00 am on 14 April 2010

The interim government in Kyrgyzstan has increased pressure on the ousted President Kurmanbek Bakiyev.

Earlier, it said it would hold back from arresting him to avoid further bloodshed after protests last week left 83 people dead.

The BBC reports his presidential immunity has been abolished and he has been issued a deadline to surrender.

Mr Bakiyev has been in the south of the country since he was overthrown last week. He has issued a set of conditions under which he would stand down.

He says he is prepared to resign if security for him and his family can be guaranteed and the interim government halts the bloodshed.

The interim government has not yet decided whether to accept the conditions.

However, it announced on Tuesday that it had dissolved the country's constitutional court.

The interim government has pledged to hold elections in six months.