14 Apr 2010

Urgent warning issued to Israelis in Sinai

12:57 pm on 14 April 2010

Israel has issued an urgent warning to all of its citizens to leave the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt because of what it calls concrete evidence of an imminent terror attack.

In unusually strong wording, the Israeli anti-terror office called on "all Israelis residing in Sinai to leave immediately and return home".

The prime minister's office said it had "concrete evidence" that terrorists were planning to attempt to kidnap Israelis in the peninsula.

The Sinai is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Israelis. They and other foreign holiday makers have been targeted in the past.

The BBC reports the Israel took the unusual step of calling on families of the Israelis who are visiting Sinai to contact them.

It fears that Palestinian militants will transfer hostages to Gaza through tunnels under the border.

Suicide bombers attacked the Taba Hilton Hotel, in Egypt, just across the Israeli border, and several campsites popular with Israelis in 2004. Dozens of people were killed and hundreds wounded.