13 May 2010

Stick to your own age, husband seekers warned

10:25 pm on 13 May 2010

New research has shown that women who want to live longer lives should marry men of their own age.

The older or younger the husband, the shorter the woman's life, the BBC reports.

First, the good news: men with younger wives have nothing to worry about, as research shows that they live longer and healthier lives.

It was assumed that women with younger husbands would enjoy the same benefits.

But researchers in Germany say that's not so after studying the medical records of two million Danish couples.

An older husband means a shorter life for a woman, and marrying a younger one is even worse, with mortality rates up by as much as 20%.

The researchers can't explain why. One suggestion is that couples with younger husbands violate social norms - and that can lead to stress.