11 Jun 2010

Death sentences re-imposed on Norwegian pair

12:55 pm on 11 June 2010

Two Norwegians who had death sentences overturned in April, have again been sentenced to death in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

A re-trial was ordered in April after procedures at the military tribunal were found to be flawed.

Former soldiers Joshua French, who holds joint British-Norwegian nationality, and Tjostolv Moland were found guilty of murdering their driver.

They were also again found guilty of spying for Norway, which the Norwegian government denies.

However, the BBC reports a tribunal in Kisangani has lowered the damages the convicted men and Norway have been ordered to pay from $US500 million to $US65 million.

They were originally convicted of the spying and murder charges in September 2009 and lost an appeal in December.

Both defendants were carrying Norwegian military identity cards when they were arrested, which led to the charges of spying.

Both men have always maintained their innocence.