24 Jun 2010

Frozen tiger seized in Vietnam poaching case

8:28 pm on 24 June 2010

Environmental police in Vietnam have seized a frozen tiger and the remains of another big cat, believed to be a panther, and arrested two people in the latest of a series of poaching cases.

An officer in the central province of Nghe An said that two sets of bones believed to be those of tigers were also seized.

Quoting the AFP news agency, the ABC reports that police made several similar seizures last year in Vietnam, where only about 50 tigers remain in the wild.

Asia's rapid urbanisation has threatened the natural habitat of tigers, which are illegally hunted for fur and body parts used in traditional medicine.

A World Wildlife Fund Malaysia conservationist earlier this year cited evidence that hunters from Thailand and Vietnam were setting wildlife traps in Malaysia - a country trying to double its population of wild tigers to 1000.