9 Jul 2010

Three held in suspected Norway bomb plot

5:38 am on 9 July 2010

Three people have been arrested in connection with a plot to bomb targets in Norway, police in Oslo say.

The head of the Norwegian security police, Janne Kristiansen, says two of the plotters were arrested in Norway and one in Germany.

Ms Kristiansen says the men - a Uighur from China, an Iraqi and an Uzbek - are said to have ties to al-Qaeda and to be linked to bomb plots in the United States and Britain.

She says the three, all Norwegian residents, had been under surveillance for a year.

The BBC says Norway may have been targeted because it has troops in Afghanistan.

US prosecutors say the Norwegian case is linked to foiled bomb plots in New York and the English city of Manchester.

On Wednesday, US prosecutors unveiled charges against four men wanted over a plot to bomb the underground system in New York, and unveiled extra charges against a fifth man awaiting trial. Two others have already pleaded guilty.

The US is also seeking the extradition of the Pakistan-born Abid Naseer, who was arrested in England on Wednesday, who is suspected of being the ringleader of a plot to bomb targets in Manchester, the BBC reports.