10 Jul 2010

Fugitive UK gunman dies after shots heard

10:33 pm on 10 July 2010

A fugitive gunman in Britain has died after apparently shooting himself following a six-hour stand-off with armed police officers.

Police said earlier that "no shots were fired by police officers" and no officers were hurt in the incident.

Raoul Moat, 37, was taken to hospital in Newcastle, but sources told the BBC later that he had died.

He is alleged to have killed his former girlfriend, her partner and, a day later, a policeman as he sat in his patrol car. He was on the run for a week.

The armed man had been discovered near a riverbank at Rothbury, Northumberland on Friday evening and police say negotiators spoke to him for several hours.

Northumbria police said Raoul Moat appeared to have a grudge against the force and in a letter purportedly written by him, had threatened to keep shooting officers until he was dead.