1 Aug 2010

Wikileaks founder denies 'blood on hands'

6:28 am on 1 August 2010

The founder of the website that leaked 90,000 classified documents about the Afghanistan war has rejected accusations by United States officials that he has blood on his hands.

The founder of the Wikileaks website, Julian Assange, says there is no evidence that any informants have been killed as a result of the leaks.

Speaking to the BBC, he accused the Pentagon of trying to distract attention from the lives being lost in the war.

"One must consider why the Pentagon is focusing on the hypothetical blood that it says might be on our hands - although there is no evidence of that - compared to the 20,000 lives that have been lost in Afghanistan that are documented and exposed by our material," he said.

The documents describe previously unreported civilian deaths, claim members of Pakistan's intelligence agency have backed the Taliban in Afghanistan, and say the Taliban has used surface-to-air missiles to down coalition aircraft.

Wikileaks has said it has another 15,000 documents. The White House is urging the organisation publish any more Afghan leaks.