7 Aug 2010

Gillard and Rudd finally meet face to face again

7:59 pm on 7 August 2010

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has met Kevin Rudd for the first time since she replaced him as Labor leader.

The pair had not spoken face to face since the week Mr Rudd was deposed as leader in late June.

The ABC reports the meeting took place in Brisbane's city centre on Saturday but most of the media pack following the Prime Minister on the election campaign trail were not allowed to attend.

The only media witnesses to the meeting were two cameramen who were escorted by Labor's campaign staff.

Labor's campaign has been repeatedly sidetracked by questions over Mr Rudd and his future role in the party. The opposition coalition has described it as a Labor Party "soap opera".

Separate campaigns

At a news conference shortly after the meeting, Ms Gillard said that they had had a "positive and constructive discussion" and that Mr Rudd would campaign in a number of seats.

But she said she and her predecessor would campaign separately to "maximise spread".

She said they did not discuss Mr Rudd's future role in a re-elected Labor government, and dodged a question about whether she had apologised to the former prime minister for deposing him.