9 Aug 2010

Deadly landslides hit Pakistan flood region

6:53 pm on 9 August 2010

Landslides have swamped two villages in northern Pakistan, as downpours continue to hamper efforts to help millions of people affected by flooding.

Pakistan's worst floods in 80 years have killed more than 1600 people and destroyed 650,000 houses. The floods have affected as many as 14 million people.

The poor weather is making it it difficult for helicopters to deliver food to parts of the Swat Valley, northwest of the capital Islamabad, and among the areas first hit by the deluge.

Aid workers are using donkeys or travelling on foot to reach millions of people who desperately need help.

Officials say 28 bodies have been recovered and 25 more people are missing after landslides in Gilgit-Baltistan province, the BBC reports.

Pakistani media reported dozens more flood-related deaths as officials admitted they were struggling to cope, as more heavy rain was forecast to lash the country.

Most of the deaths have occurred in northern Pakistan, but as the rain has continued, the south is now also on red alert.

Navy boats are being used to rescue people stranded by floodwaters.

The United Nations says Pakistan will need international help for years.