12 Aug 2010

Labor faces loss of key seats in Queensland

10:40 am on 12 August 2010

The Labor Government in Australia faces the threat of losing key seats in Queensland.

Eight marginal seats held by Labour in the state could determine the election outcome if they are won by the Coalition.

Radio New Zealand's political editor reports Labor's popularity in Queensland is waning.

The Coalition holds eight marginal seats - where the swing needed is less than 5%- but its seats are not under as much threat as those held by Labour.

Brisbane Courier-Mail national affairs editor Dennis Atkins says voters in the sunshine state appear to have become increasingly disillusioned with Labour.

Some are unimpressed by Labour's spend-up in response to the global financial crisis.

Many voters don't believe its response helped stop a recession in Australia.

Instead, they worry about growing government debt, even though compared with other developed countries it's miniscule.

Green Party Queensland candidate for the Senate, Larissa Waters, says Labor's support in Queensland might also suffer because of the way former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was dumped.

If the Rudd factor does cost the ALP seats in Queensland, Radio New Zealand's political editor says Labor might be heading back to the Opposition benches after just one term in government.

The election is on 21 August.