12 Jan 2009

Prince Harry apologises for using racist term

7:20 am on 12 January 2009

The third in line to the British throne, Prince Harry, has apologised for using racially offensive terms in a light-hearted video he made in 2006 while serving as an officer cadet at a British military academy.

The text of the video was published by the tabloid newspaper The News of the World.

The prince refers to a colleague called Ahmed as "our little Paki friend" in a commentary he made over filming.

A spokesman for Britain's royal family said there had been no racist intent in Harry's words.

"Prince Harry fully understands how offensive this term (Paki) can be, and is extremely sorry for any offence his words might cause."

Royal officials say Harry and the Pakistani soldier in question were friends and members of a close knit platoon and they had nicknames for each other.