19 Aug 2010

Officer trapped by swarm of bees

10:00 pm on 19 August 2010

A swarm of bees trapped a policeman in his car for three hours after tens of thousands of the insects escaped from a broken-down truck.

The truck was transporting 60 beehives to fertilise some orchards in North Carolina on Tuesday.

Such journeys are often done at night so the bees stay in the hives, but on this occasion, due to the breakdown, the insects flew out when they sensed light and the warmth of the day outside, AFP reports.

Police say the bees were confused without their queen and swarmed around the Brandon Jenkins' car as that was the biggest thing they could .

Up to 50,000 bees were removed from the exterior of the vehicle, which had largely disappeared.

Freed from the swarm, Mr Jenkins then continued on his way. "I got one sting. I struck a bee, so it was my own fault."