24 Aug 2010

No survivors after small plane crashes in Nepal

9:31 pm on 24 August 2010

A passenger plane has crashed into hills outside Nepal's capital in heavy rain, killing all 14 people on board, according to officials.

The plane belonging to the Nepalese company Agni Air crashed into the hills near Shikharpur village, 80km south of Kathmandu on Tuesday, the BBC reports.

The plane was reportedly carrying six tourists, including four Americans, one Japanese and one Briton.

Witnesses say the Agni Air plane had broken into small pieces.

The plane had been flying to Lukla, a popular trekking spot in the Mt Everest region of eastern Nepal. The airline authority said the plane was called back due to bad weather.

At 12 nautical miles from Kathmandu airport, the plane radioed in and said it was beginning its descent. Radar contact was lost at 10 nautical miles.

An airport official said the search-and-rescue operation was being hampered by bad weather.