29 Aug 2010

Concern over security for UK PM

6:05 am on 29 August 2010

Concern has been expressed about security arrangements for a recent trip by British Prime Minister David Cameron to Afghanistan.

Mr Cameron had to change his schedule at the last minute because of fears the Taliban might be planning to attack his helicopter.

Number 10 is reported to be rethinking scheduling and media plans for future visits to take the risks into account.

Downing Street said "we never comment" on the prime minister's security plans.

Mr Cameron was forced to abandon a visit to British troops serving at a front-line patrol base at Shahzad on 10 June because of fears the Taliban were planning a possible attempt to bring down his helicopter.

An RAF Chinook carrying the prime minister and his entourage was instead diverted to the main operating base in the capital of Helmand, Lashkar Gah, at the last minute.