14 Sep 2010

Oprah visit to cost Australian taxpayers

9:48 pm on 14 September 2010

Organisers of a visit by Oprah Winfrey to Australia say the visit will be worth more than the money spent.

Tourism Australia and the New South Wales government will spend about $A3 million bringing the daytime talk show to Australia in December.

During the visit Winfrey will shoot several episodes of the show, which has a weekly following of 40 million Americans and is screened in 145 countries.

The American host is to bring an audience of 300 people with her.

Tourism Australia's chief executive Andrew McEvoy says the exposure the country will gain from the visit is worth it.

"Our ability as an industry to sell off the back of this and get more Americans and, in fact, more global travellers to take that same trip these people take is phenomenal," he says.

Winfrey will spend eight days in Australia and will tape two episodes of her show in the forecourt of the Sydney Opera House.